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“Shoot” (v.) = Photograph (v.)

January 8, 2010

Instead of making this impossibly difficult, as I’ve  been successfully doing for the past six months (most blog for enjoyment-they do not spend 180 days pining for the perfect first sentence), I’m just going to do it.  Nike had a point.  Seriously.

Three weeks ago I had the perfect adventure for a cool “first post.”  I was on the plane heading to a shoot in 14 degree Idaho.  My travel would be through a mountain pass, where “strong winds and snow could make it impassable.”  I was warned to fill up with gas at  the weigh station, and beware of zero cell phone service for an hour, and, to bring warm clothes in case I broke down because “you might have to wait a while to be rescued.” Lovely.  And i hate cold.  On the other side of the pass was my subject:  a pony that visits nursing homes and children with disabilities.

Of course,  that’s when it all came to me-on an airsick bag, at 30,000 feet, ten minutes before landing.  The words came gushing. I hunched over the tray table, scribbling madly, covering my words from Mr. Wandering Eyes in 14E.  I  filled  front, back and bottom of the bag.  Conveniently that’s when the tray tables had to go up.  Ecstatic that I’d finally turned thoughts into a soon-to-be-published-melange-of-pointless-sentences that would  be joining a million other blogs about useless info, I took a photograph of the bag.  I was triumphant – ready to post words and picture when I got to the hotel.  That night WordPress and i engaged in our first serious quarrel.  An hour later, I lost.

But, I have overcome.  And here I am, with my second cool post possibility. Again I’m writing from the plane, this time on the back of the printed directions to the house of the woman I’m supposed to meet.  I couldn’t find the airsick bag, which, after finding out that I now have to PAY for a blanket and a pillow on US Airways, I was afraid to ask for.  So, again from a plane, again with the original pen and paper we all used to use;  and again, from the beginning of an adventure.  This time:  “Rural Georgia,” as my contact puts it.

So, I am going to use this white space for me.  To share some of the things I get to see and do.  I am privileged in that not only do I get to be the photo editor of an amazing children’s magazine, but, I also get to shoot some of our stories.  Kids like animals, so there you have it.  I photograph animals. I photograph people too, but, it’s the animal adventures that swirl in my head begging to be told.  I end up in the middle of nowhere.  I get pulled over for speeding while stopping to check out a bald eagle.  I see wild coyotes.  I get doused in shit by a pelican above.  I get on the ground with hyaenas.  I get a peek in to living rooms and lives that I’d otherwise never know exist.  Those who know me no longer bat an eye when I say I’m going to shoot a dog that climbs trees, or a duck and a bunny that are best friends.  But, no one ever gets to hear the stories.

So, here they will be.  My tales from the road, and other wacky places, and sometimes, my personal stories from Africa.  I will post randomly-mostly when I’m on a shoot, or shooting something worth talking about. So check back every once in a while-hopefully you’ll enjoy the ride as much as I do.

We are landing.  Next:  Rural Georgia.

–ps:  forgive me if sometimes i screw up the formatting.  WordPress and I are on speaking terms, but not fully recovered.

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  1. Kris permalink
    February 4, 2010 15:57

    An air-sick bag! How original!
    I really like your description of:
    “I am privileged in that not only do I get to be the photo editor of an amazing children’s magazine…”
    It had special meaning to me in relation to the things I really want to be doing. Your stories are always very inspiring, at the same time you maintain a sarcastic, slightly jaded and underhanded wit that makes one laugh out loud.

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